Archive of links to members' press releases and media watch

The following links appeared on the previous version of the BFLG site and are gathered here for archive purposes.

Campaign to simplify UK Regulations 24 July 2010: Baby Milk Action explains proposal submitted to UK Government consultation.

National Childbirth Trust press release 23 July 2010 (link now dead): Challenge to exam questions that promote artificial feeding and benefit baby food companies.

Baby Milk Action press release 16 June 2010: Protest Nestlé's claim that breastmilk substitutes 'protect' babies, public urged for UK breastfeeding awareness week

Baby Milk Action press release 11 March 2010: Government panel says there need to be 'steps taken' to address problems in enforcing baby milk marketing law - Campaigners welcome recommendation and call for UK law to be brought into line with international standards

Breastfeeding Manifesto Coaltion survey on 'Breastfeeding Friendly Places' - (closed 6 November 2009).

BFLG monitoring report March 2009: Company marketing strategies exposed: START before they are born... PUSH in supermarkets... IDEALISE products... OFFER gifts... ADVERTISE... CO-OPT health workers...

Baby Milk Action press release 22 October 2008: Advertising Standards Authority ruling shows contempt for UN Committee on the Rights of the Child by clearing Cow & Gate 'laughing babies' formula milk advertisement.

Government consultation: Assessing the Impact of the Commercial World on Children's Wellbeing - A Call for Evidence (deadline 12 July 2008).

Baby Milk Action press release 2 June 2008: Baby milk companies attack UK government recommendation to warn parents of formula risks. Results of the Guidance Notes consultation.

Media Watch - Sunday Herald 20 January 2008: Legal challenge to baby-milk law.

Media Watch - British Medical Journal 20 October 2007: Government should restrict advertising of baby milk products, say campaigners.

Protecting breastfeeding - Protecting babies fed on formula: Read the Baby Feeding Law Group report to the government's consultation on the UK baby milk law - with monitoring evidence showing why the law needs to be strengthened, legal arguments and responses to specific questions in the consultation. For a detailed line-by-line analysis of the proposed regulations click here for a pdf and here for a word document.

Baby Milk Action press release 10 August 2007: New UK formula labels lack correct information - calls for better warnings and instructions (this call is included in the BFLG's action - Baby Milk Action coordinates the BFLG monitoring project).

Baby Milk Action press release 19 July 2007: Parliamentary campaign launched to enforce infant formula marketing regulations.

Media Watch 19 June 2007: Children's health is coming second to the profits of baby formula peddlers - George Monbiot writes in The Guardian about baby milk marketing in the UK. Help strengthen the UK law.

Policy comments 18 June 2007: Cereals and Parnuts (background papers are available on the Baby Milk Action website - click here)

Baby Milk Action campaign blog 5 April 2007: SMA plans new 'close to breastmilk’ launch following UK crackdown on claims

Baby Milk Action press release 12 March 2007: Campaigners claim victory as crackdown on ‘closer to breastmilk’ infant formula promotions is announced in the UK

Baby Milk Action press release 22 February 2007: Hard sell formula – new UK report exposes baby milk company strategies for undermining breastfeeding

22 December 2006: European Union Directive on Infant and Follow-on Formula published. Click here to download.

Baby Milk Action press release 19 May 2006: Brussels hands babies to the baby milk pushers – exploiting parents fears issued in advance of a meeting at the House of Commons on 23 May 2006.


EU campaign: Please send a letter calling for European Union regulations for the marketing of breastmilk substitutes to be brought into line with World Health Assembly standards. Now is the critical time. See the Advocacy section. Also see Baby Milk Action press release 7 March 2005: Failing mothers and babies: authorities unable to stop baby food companies advertising formula - health worker bodies call for government action this week at the European Union

Tsuanmi disaster: See IBFAN"s guide to Infant Feeding in Emergencies. Donations of formula can do more harm than good and, remember, it is against UK law (click here and see article 7) and EU directives to export formula with labels in the wrong language for the destination country. Click here to donate to the UK Disasters Emergency Committee Tsunami Earthquake Appeal

Health watch 6 January 2005: Mead Johnson Pregestimil formula withdrawn internationally following the deaths of two infants in France, attributed to contamination with Enterobacter Sakazakii (click here for the UK National Health Service notification - click here to download the recall notice). See Baby Milk Action's Update 35 newsletter for details of the campaign for steps to reduce risks, which is being opposed by the baby food industry.

Media watch 19 November 2004 The Guardian: "Scientific advisers in Europe warned yesterday that powdered baby milk may sometimes be contaminated with bacteria such as salmonella and enterobacter sakazakii, which can cause infection and serious illness in small babies."

Monitoring advice 8 September 2004: If you are visiting us to complain about the Farley's baby milk advertisements on the Discovery Health Channel, please fill in a monitoring form here and register an official complaint with Ofcom.

Baby Milk Action Press Release 28 July 2004: Nestlé reported to UK Advertising Standards Authority over marketing of 'hypoallergenic' infant formula.

IBFAN Press Release 14 May 2004: Baby food companies exposed as IBFAN presents evidence at UK Parliament. Selected media coverage: The Guardian. The Scotsman. The BBC.

10 May 2004: It's National Breastfeeding Awareness Week, but companies can still get away with saying 'nothing could be simpler or safer' than bottle-feeding (Baby Milk Action press release).

10 May 2004: Myths stop women giving babies the best start in life (Department of Health press release - link dead - available here).

16 October 2003: Wrong message given over baby food jar scare (Baby Milk Action press release).

Media Watch 12 May 2003: Now it's official: breast is best for 6 months. Guardian newspaper report on UK government's announcement that it will bring policy into line with WHO recommendations on duration of exclusive breastfeeding, with interviews with BFLG members.